The Top 5 Common Bra Problems Only Nursing Moms Understand

The Top 5 

They are the first thing you put on and the last thing take off each day. You spend a lot of hours each day wearing a bra and its important that it fits properly and comfortable. When you are nursing your boobies are a little more sensitive. We talked to moms and came up with the Top 5 Common Bra Problems Only Nursing Moms Can Understand
#5 — Back Fat
You know that not so smooth bulge that peeks from the back which happens when your bra is a little too tight. 
#4 — Boob Overflow
One of the most ridiculous problems busty woman face is when your girls start to peek out from the top of your bra and it looks like you have four boobs.
#3 — Unwire Problems
That digging, rubbing, poking feeling is quite dreadful. Wires can make you feel so miserable that you just want to take the bra off and throw it out the window. 
#2 —Bra Straps Falling Down
It’s so frustrating when the bra strap won’t stay put and it keeps making an appearance under the sleeve of your shirt.
#1 — Uncomfortable Fabric
You know that itchy feeling you feel when you put on a cashmere sweater. That’s how it feels when you have on a bra that’s just plain ole uncomfortable. The fabric matters -- make sure your bra is 100% cotton. 
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