When Do You Know It’s Time to Buy a Maternity Bra?

Clothes and undergarments can become uncomfortable quickly during pregnancy. Most women will notice an increase in their breast size in their first trimester.

It has been recommended that this is a good time to consider purchasing a maternity bra. You will need a maternity bra that is comfortable, not restrictive and is the right fit. If you don’t know what size to get, try going to a local maternity or department store to get sized by a professional.

Also, when you buy new clothes every trimester take some time out to get refitted. You may or may not need a new bra but it would be nice to treat yourself to a nice new bra and panty set, as well as, be sure that your boobies stay comfortable.

The benefits to wearing the right bra size during the pregnancy also helps aide against premature breast sagging back pain.

Lingerie4Moms suggest you get a good QUALITY seamless bra. Look for a bra that has wide straps and good support. Make the personal investment in a good product… your body will be so thankful.