Our Story

It's often said the best ideas come from a personal need.

When my 3rd child refused to drink formula, I had to do something to feel good about myself.  My body changed, I was tired and basically didn't like the reflection I saw in the mirror (all the time).

I've always loved lingerie. It had been that pick-me-upper when I wasn't feeling desirable or sexy

After countless hours of searching for the right nursing bra with matching panty set with no luck — Lingerie4Moms was born. 

Lingerie4Moms is the "escape" for moms - looking to let loose and let their hair down while enjoying the benefits of breastfeeding. It doesn't matter what reason you have decided to breastfeed, Lingerie4Moms has nursing sets to make you feel DESIRABLE & SEXY.

Motherhood is a beautiful experience, and I want moms to look and feel good through the nursing process.

Welcome to Lingerie 4 Moms!!! 




Lingerie4Moms offers luxurious, supportive and comfortable nursing wear to compliment your lifestyle. 
Motherhood is a beautiful blessing but can be stressful at times. Lingerie4Moms believe in you and want you to put your health and confidence first! 
We offer a variety of maternity sets in various colors and styles. 
We welcome you to a new maternity experience, Lingerie4Moms!